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Don't skip the spread

Don't skip the spread

Why a Drop Spreader is Your Artificial Turf Finishing Touch (and TURFWORX Makes it Easy!)

Infill sand – the final sprinkle of magic for your artificial turf installation – may seem like a minor detail. But don't be fooled! This "ballast" not only weighs down the turf and prevents rippling, but also supports the blades, creates realistic cushioning, and even influences cooling and pet-friendliness. 

Apply Infill Evenly

However, applying it evenly and efficiently is crucial for a beautiful, long-lasting result. That's where the humble drop spreader comes in, your secret weapon for a flawless finish.

Forget hand-broadcasting and uneven patches. A drop spreader distributes the infill like a smooth, sandy sheet, saving your crew time and ensuring perfect coverage. Think of it as pre-seeding your artificial lawn – it lays the foundation for a beautiful final brooming.

And you don't need a fancy gadget. A classic Scotts drop spreader, surprisingly durable for its price, can handle 50-75 pounds of infill with ease. Simply fill it up, walk across the turf, and watch the sand spread like magic.

You can rent them from us!

But here's the best part: Skip the hassle of buying your own spreader and broom! The folks at TURFWORX, your local artificial turf supplier, rent out the perfect drop spreader and power broom combo for both contractors and DIYers at a very reasonable rate. No need to invest in equipment you might not use again, just rent the pros' tools for the job and get expert advice from the TURFWORX team.

Finishing the job.

Once your infill sheet is down, the brooming ballet begins. Start gently, low-RPM, with the broom pulling against the turf grain. This coaxes the sand into the base, where it works its wonders. Then, crank up the RPM for a more vigorous sweep. Finally, brush diagonally and against the blade lean, ensuring every grain finds its home. One last upright brushing session, and voilà, your turf stands tall and proud, ready for years of enjoyment.

Bonus Tip:

For cooling in hot climates, consider using HydroChill which uses evaporative cooling to effectively keep your turf cooler by far than any other infill. For pet-friendly areas, opt for an antimicrobial infill and Zeofill to inhibit odor-causing bacteria and urine smells. Both are readily available at TURFWORX!

So, the next time you're installing artificial turf, remember – the last step can be the most critical. Don't underestimate the power of a simple drop spreader. And for ultimate convenience and expert guidance, head to TURFWORX and rent the perfect combo for a flawless finish!

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