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K9 Zoom - 1.25", Field/Apple/Tan thatch, 71 oz.

K9 Zoom - 1.25", Field/Apple/Tan thatch, 71 oz.

Unleash the boundless energy of your furry friend with K9 Zoom, the ultimate playground for playful pups! When those zoomies strike and your dog needs to release their pent-up energy, K9 Zoom is the answer. This artificial turf is specially designed for canine chaos, offering a safe, durable, and ultra-realistic surface that can withstand even the most vigorous play.

No need to fret about messes; K9 Zoom can be easily rinsed clean, ensuring a pristine backyard year-round. Watch your pup roll around in sheer glee on this canine paradise. Built to last for years, K9 Zoom is not just turf; it's an investment in endless tail-wagging happiness. Let your dog's energy run wild with K9 Zoom!

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